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Champagne and Chandeliers ~ Original watercolour by Christine Melody Andersen

One Time Zone for

Earth, Mars, Metaverse, Universes, Time Travel.

“There are seven layers of meaning to a sentence, sequence or string.”

Christine Melody Andersen (2013)

Musical Language Score

Music, Culture, Emotion, Time, Information, Relationships, Images

Global Calendar Week

Music Time, Data Time, Feel Time, People Time, Culture Time, Sight Time, Rest Time

Comprehensive Webpage Update http://www.christinemelodyandersen.com

Christine Melody Andersen has verified documentation for her Royal Ancestry Bloodline as a 30th generation granddaughter to King Edward I of England, through two family lines his first wife, Princess Athelreda and Aunt Queen Edith Godwinsdatter. Family lines converge again with a ‘royal blood’ mother and ‘royal blood’ father from both the Princess A and the Queen E.

(Her maiden birth name was Kristine Jennifer Wright.)

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